Be a movie star for a day ...

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Be a movie star for a day ...

Be a movie star for a day ...

Create a movie with a director and your group, or do everything about yourself. Your director will help you write something that gives life to a story you want to be part of, then you will film a movie based on the summary of this story. Whether it's a love story, a crazy comedy, a wild thriller or a bloody bloody horror movie, you'll make it.

Even if you have no experience, do not worry. The director will also help you in the performance.

Once your experience is over, you will get your movie within a month. It will be available to share and upload, and do what you want, even send it to film festivals if you wish.

The film will last between five and fifteen minutes depending on how the story goes. The short film edition is eight hours with options to bring your own food or choose a catering that we will supply you with at your request.

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